Monday, April 16, 2007

musical interlude with bullitz + bonus randomness

Some shows:
The Knife

• a few months back at Webster Hall. The visuals were really high-production and theatrical, mostly projections on scrims to make for the 3-D effect. There was also a sculptural/video component that was a verbatim rip-off of Tony Oursler.
• Music-wise it did not deviate from their recordings one iota. The whole thing had to have been lip-synched... in fact, I don't think they ever even bothered to move their mouths. Maybe their lips were paralyzed?
• There was, however, lots of bouncing around in monkey costumes. and they poked at a keyboard once in awhile.
• Throw them to the lions.


• at Studio B in Brooklyn last month. Ah, an actual live act, nothing fancy, just a really good, energetic show that exceeded expectations.
• The red track suits and wraparound sunglasses were a little stale, but the band is from Norway, so they probably don't have regular access to TV or the internet.
• You might remember I posted about them a while back. Back when my blog was better, before "the waning."


• we're going to see them at Irving Plaza in May! yay. I am having springs implanted in my foot-pads especial.
• click here for an acoustic version of "Ooh La" that was shot in the streets of Paris.

Some other stuffs:
Jazz Butcher

Remembering the Datarock show made me think of the best live shows I've ever seen, which reminded me of The Jazz Butcher, which was definitely in the top 3. Maybe it was even the best. I saw them ten thousand years ago in the Pleistocene Era in a college cafeteria in Winsor, Canada and then again in Ann Arbor. Take a little spin in the way-back machine for a video from the golden age of MTV.

John Cooper Clarke

If you watched the Sopranos this week you heard his poem/rant/song Evidently Chickentown during the closing credits. Here's an a capella version.


You have to watch at least part of this before you watch this.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hot! Hot! Hot! UES 2 BR 2BA GEM w lux Drm bld

Tonight we went to an opening of a family friend at a gallery in midtown. At the opening, I went up to the friend's father-in-law to say hello, and he mistook me for a real estate agent. A real estate agent. Granted this person is 100 years old at least, but.

I don't understand it! This is how I looked:

To celebrate, I am stabbing out my eyes and replacing them with lemons. I am donning a red pleather newsie hat and dog tags and striped boxers. I will move into a jr1br wd pnld bsmnt apt and go topless and contort my face into expressions of constipation.

This is where you will find me. This is my new life.

Love, Slothy

Thursday, April 05, 2007

some porno for mm

this is real sexy:

and some more:

^----by the way, his is my current state after hybernation. And p.s., I like me just the way I am.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

the roots of dork dancing

I didn't realize we'd been doing the charleston all along...