Thursday, September 29, 2005


Log has been getting quite cluttered lately, due to a lengthy hiatus by Wandee Love, who is off doing some kind of a deep-cleanse detox program. In an effort to un-clutter and generally de-accession, Sloth has set up a "swag table." There are many items that could be given away to promote Log World, and also to make for some turn-around room in Log.


These papers appear daily under the log-door. Not sure where they come from, but they might be useful for nesting material. Help yourself!


Various types - could be useful or just decorative.


Take home an actual piece of Log! Limited supply - please do not remove any part of Log that is still attached. Only the pre-crumbled bits.

Swag Bag

fer to carry your loot.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Oh, this is too much fun. Be sure to experiment with clicking and dragging different parts of the anatomy.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

blank frank

Okay, so..... the Eno song is probably not about Frank Stella after all, it seems. It would have certainly given him sexy rock-star cred. But (also after all), Slothy loves this painting. A handpainted Stella is a rare thing of beauty, an argument against what came later, the "cold as an iceberg" part.

And here is a non-sequitor. Or maybe not? (sound needed.)

Monday, September 19, 2005

pat's perfect america

Corny inspired Sloth to post this symbolic picture of the USA according to Pat Robertson. In Pat's Perfect America, everyone is pale! and hetero! and they have money, meaning they are good people. They have no tattoos (though Mom might have pierced ears... !). They are good christians, and they spread His Blessed Word to those few sorry heathens left on the planet. They will be first in line at the pearlescent gates of heaven. They taste like marshmallow fluff. Their thoughts are clean and snow-white, and they pray very, very often for your sorry-ass soul. They have already crushed the evil ones beneath their pink feet, and have used the pulp for fertilizing a garden full of pretty flowers. The flowers are red, white, and blue, to match the "Support Our Troops" magnet on the back of their Escalade.

Friday, September 16, 2005

aunt betty

HFP and Slothy are getting ready for an overnight trip. The weather might be a little gray on Saturday due to the lingering effects of Ophelia, but we are chuffed to go nevertheless. Wandee's auntie called to say that she is preparing a home-made lunch for the road. This is great news, because nobody knows bag lunches like Betty; she has the keen instincts of a former school cafeteria lady. Her meats are always mysterious, her jello firm yet jiggly, and her milk is pure liquid love. Sporks aweigh!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

decorated decorations

Oh, to live in this crazy, dreamlike world of floating TVs, skewed grids, and waxed beauties. An artist-poet is born.