Sunday, October 29, 2006

end times

Endings are in the Log-air these days: the end of Daylight Savings Time... the end of a certain era for Slothy... and, 2 nights ago, legendary rock gods Lesion played their last show after 9 years of genius creative output, much to the sadness of their devoted fans. The turnout was huge, the crowd was jacked up on beer and candy corn for the sendoff, and the band kicked out a BLISTERING set. But first they screened 2 of their hilarious movies, one of which has bit parts for Slothy and Mr. Sloth. Both films are great, but "The Sucking" is my all-time favorite, with Dr. Hurtz in a dual role as himself and the bloodthirsty Dr. Mufungo. Watch the trailer and listen for audio werkz by DJ Dekker.

We were given the task of videotaping the entire show, which prevented us from doing a lot of jumping around. Here is a video clip of my personal favorite song, "Giant," taken with our little Canon Elph. Apologies for the poor sound quality; the footage from the fancycam has yet to be edited.

Last night the fabulous Jakkee (seen here as Charlene from "Designing Women") threw an Everyone Loves Halloween party; I was originally going to wear my formal 'tard helmet and seatbelt restraints, but they're at the cleaner's. So I resurrected an old Land O' Lakes spokes-squaw costume and picked up some maize from Gristede's for a Corn Maiden effect (sorry for stepping on any corn toes out there...)

Word on the street is that pink is the new black, up is the new down, and beginning is the new end.

Speaking of, off I hither to NIPS...

Friday, October 27, 2006


Last night's festivities were all a sloth could hope for and so much more. In addition to the usual mayhem, crooning, yodeling, nudity, spaz- and dork-dancing plus sushi plus copious flowing bev, there were also prezzies: books, a spa day, fine wines, chocolates, and a pair of BLOGGER COLLAB PAINTINGS for one lucky sloth! The Clown Pussy Dancers drove up in their clown car (she's a roomy ride) and presented 2 works of unutterable beauty...

Ready? Here's the first one:

And here's number 2:

I cannot decide which one I like better... both are stunning works of GENIUS. They're now enshrined in Log, which has been cleared of all other objects. I gave everything else away to random people on the street. Kept a few tracklights for obvious reasons...

Suggested titles include:

adventures in clown pussy

tight: clown pussy and the human condition (this might be the title of the accompanying essay)

what lies beneath

the quest for excellence

Clown Pussy--the new Avant Gard.

Clown Pussy--The Unfold Story on VH1.

Clown Pussy -- Behind the rainbow pubes

Clown Pussy: It's what's for dinner.

Sylvia Plath and Her Monsterous Double at the Crossroads of Clown Pussy: It's Whats for Dinner

Western Society at the Crossroads of Clown Pussy's Rainbow Pubes: Into the Void

Kiss of the BrownStarfuckers®

Your Tongue, My Face, Now.

The Advantages of Being a Clown Pussy

From Clams to Clown Pussies: One Hundred Years of Freshly Folded Labia with Hairy Parts

Today will be spent ruminating on these titles and other weighty philosophical issues -- you young'uns might not know this, but when you get old, you start to think about the great mysteries of life, such as How Late Is Too Late To Change Out Of One's Pajamas? and Who The Hell Is Going To Do These Dishes... Cat, Why Don't You Get Off Your Furry Ass and Pitch In Once In Awhile?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

slothy got back

Oh it is GOOD to be home from the outwardly bound regions! And just in time to mark one more year on this loony planet. I am gargly-marinating the vocal cords in aquavit and learning how to sing out of me bum in preparation (key of H).

Friday, October 13, 2006

still fishin'

^--- here i am french-kissing a seagull.

Ol' slothy is back at the Log for the next coupla days, then off the grid for yet another week. Lichens are starting to grow between snaggle-toes, fur is getting all matty and wild and crawly, and gale-force winds howling through ears are blowing brain-matter 'round and 'round in the belfry.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

studies show

the average New Yorker does not get their RDA of great tunes & spicy meats. Come one, come all, to support your local artist/DJs Thursday night! You'll get AdHoc, you'll get Nayland Blake, you'll get strudel, you'll get funky... what's not to love?