Sunday, April 30, 2006

slothy recommends

'The Taking of Pelham One Two Three," 1974. Excellent and seminal suspense movie about four hijackers in NYC who kidnap a 6 train. Great cast, including Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, and Jerry Stiller. Intense and gripping, with plenty of gallows humor. A hilarious and loving, if stereotyped, portrait of New Yorkers in the 70s...

Robert Shaw (brandishing a gun): "You'll all remain seated. Anybody who tries to rise is going to get shot."

NYC subway riders: (scattered laughter)

Brilliant score by David Shire. Read the Voice review here. Oh, and! Be sure to read the credits at the end... they include characters like "The Hippie" and "The W.A.S.P." and "The Homosexual."

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I need a superhero today, but they're all away at a training retreat:

So they sent some guy from the reserves...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

department of want

TANK CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch for Slothy charging up 7th Avenue in a brand new "battle bot..."

Thursday, April 20, 2006

tricky subject alert

A dip into the reals: There is a controversy swirling here at beige. It involves our manager -- I will call him "Gustave" -- and co-worker, whom I will call "Benjamin." We are all friends & hang out socially outside of beige. We all work closely together in the same little pod. Gustave is a writer/actor/musician with an ironic wit, and there is a constant level of humorous & biting banter in our cube. Occasionally he will refer to something as "so gay." Gustave is not, by the way, gay. Benjamin is gay, and takes offense. However, Benjamin doesn't mind the phrase "so queer," which he says is different, more open-ended in meaning or something. Gustave has grudgingly agreed to curb his use of the offending phrase around Benjamin, but will use it when Benjamin isn't within earshot.

In a related story, last week Tiger Woods issued an apology to the spastic community for using the word "spaz" to describe his "atrocious" performance on an off-day.

Now, I, slothy, have been known to use the word "spaz" on occasion, also "mutant" and "tard," even though I have a developmentally disabled niece. I am now thinking that perhaps it is time to examine my use of potentially offensive language more thoroughly. I really don't want to be using hateful language, but am rankled by the idea of self-censorship, and "spaz" is, well, exactly perfect for certain occasions. What about "deaf" or "blind?" Is "flying blind" offensive to the blind community? Can I say a fashion victim looks like she was dressed by a blind person? One time, when talking to an African-American woman, I off-handedly said I had been busy "slaving away" in the studio, & felt immediately self-conscious and embarrassed. I would never use the "n" word, or any word that referred derogatorily to a racial minority, whether a member of said minority is present or not, because I think these terms are hateful and ugly. Does this same logic apply to those other words and phrases? Are the rules suspended in the service of comedy?

These eggshells are hurting my feets.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Slothy is under quarantine until Sunday, when status as "potential disease vector" is officially over. Until then, i will entertain myself by looking through old sloth family photos that were unearthed in the parental basement. For example.

A sloth in fox clothing:

I have no memory of this event, but it appears the grownups were not laughing "with" me...

There are many, many pictures of slothy at different awkward stages of life; I will maybe post some of the more embarassing ones.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

plasma... dog plasma

Who knew the hospital could be so fun? Papa Sloth and I pounced on Nurse Crotchett and stole the key to the candy cabinet... Oxy for EVERYONE!

Friday, April 07, 2006

as i lay dying... of laughter

Friday high-larity: Tut barking.

Oh help, Slothy is laughing so hard... tears are shooting out of mine peepers by the bucketful.

You MUST have sound for this one; a speedy connexion would be good, too. Click pic for the linky.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


This is my suit for practicing the new moves. I tried to get a batman costume, but there was a run on them at Abracadabra... so the Tigger/Spidey combo is the face of PAM! The Tigger hood is great for pogo-ing around on my head, and the Spidey Speedo® shoots out a sticky, weblike substance when you press the little button in the upper front panel... still trying to work out the logistics of swinging from my bathing suit area. The pose depicted is ZZZWAP! My bottom is made out of springs, AND I catch thieves just like flies. Lookout!

las onomatopeyas

I am practicing some new self-defense techniques... you can, too! Click here.

Monday, April 03, 2006

hello, Mr. Hand

Occasionally here at logworld we post useful pet-grooming tips. Now, of course we all love to groom that-fuckmop-otherwise-known-as* Little Pony's hair, but don't let's forget to perform the other important business.

*thanks forever Capt'n for this timeless phrase.

kookoo for Avida Dollars

This is my antidote for the barometric pressure drop today.