Tuesday, August 30, 2005

foilage promble

Report from the trail: the cabin has been breached by the exotic leafs, which had been gently whispering, whispering, whispering in the breezes. They whispered their way right through the roof, and now all manner of outdoors is permeating. HFP has returned home, but Sloth is staying on to repair the damage, which is extensive. The trip has taken on an outwardly-bound, peace-corps flavor, with 12-hour work days and pains and scrapes and cramped-up paws from the constant sawing and hammering. Still, the fixes must be made, because this shack has sentimental value beyond words for Slothy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Once again, the open road beckons. Sloth and HFP have made plans for a 10-day getaway to our favorite eco-tourist lodge:

There are numerous nature-type activities to keep one busy there, such as drilling for grubs, rash-scratching, making grub-mash, terrorizing endangered species, etc. This will also present a terrific opportunity for HFP to expand his scat collection.

The lodge, while well-appointed, is not equipped with the latest wireless technologies, so we'll be renting a high-tech camper to keep up our accustomed lifestyle:

Thus, the log-blog will be maintained, if the equipment functions properly. Updates may be sporadic, as we will be very busy fending off nature in all of its many terrifying forms.

Wandee Love is staying home to look after Log, fertilize the weeds, and tend to the toast. She is so incredibly trustworthy and competent. We suspect that she is looking forward to her time alone; she has ordered an industrial-sized drum of bubble bath. We depart early Thursday.

Friday, August 12, 2005

rear window

It is interesting what is revealed when binoculars are employed. Strange goings-on across the way.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

future imperfect

For the last several years, Sloth has been mulling over the idea of making a small slothlet with HFP. Truth be told, the idea holds equal amounts of attraction and repulsion. These forces are sometimes bearable, sometimes at crisis levels. Currently there is a crisis, with some exploration of relocating to a larger log in a different area. The current digs are wonderful, but small, and lifestyle changes would undoubtedly have to be undertaken to accomodate a demanding little critter. The prospect is simultaneously exciting and troubling. What if the wrong decision is made? There would be no going back either way. If nothing is done, we will run out of time, and the decision will be made for us. We are looking for other models of artist-type critters who manage to pull it off, and they are few and far between, and most of them are either rich or famous or both.

This problem is torturous. Surely relic production would drop off, and there would be a general hampering and great loss of freedom. But continuing with the status quo isn't so very appealing, either, and there is fear of future loneliness and emptiness. Sorry for the downer post, but it has been insisting on being expressed.

The deep desire is for someone else to decide, but in the end, we have to work it out for ourselves. Feels good to rant a bit, though.

Monday, August 08, 2005

you rock, rock.

The purpose of this post is twofold. Fold number one is to loudly sing the praises of "I Heart Huckabees," which Sloth and HFP finally got around to renting last night. We were fully prepared to hate it, but lo and behold, it was freakin' hilarious! Pants-wetting was narrowly avoided. If you haven't seen it yet, go rent it today! (Disclaimer: The sense of humor shared by Sloth and Hyena False Penis is often out-of-sync with the majority of the comedy-consuming public.)

The second fold of this post is this: to share with the world a delightful website, which serves as the gateway to a truly inspired hobby and pasttime, not to mention a "good cause."

Simply click here to begin your adventure.

Friday, August 05, 2005

sloth family jamboree

Ah, the joys of a vacation spent in close quarters with parents and siblings. Even better when there is no electricity or hot water! Normally, this would be a hazardous undertaking, but Sloth donned special protective gear in order to avoid injury:

The Chicklets loved this outfit especially; they found that it was huge fun to jump up and down on Sloth's inflated roundness. It caused them to giggle and shriek uncontrollably. Also, it was cool to float in the ocean like a big inner-tube. When it was time to pack up and go home, the air inside the bodysuit was swapped out for helium. A good northeast breeze made for a smooth trip back to the unparalleled comforts of Log.

In the meantime, Hyena FP was completing an important transaction, that of finalizing the acquisition of some spiff wheels:

We are beside ourselves with excitement, and are considering entering it in some Nascar events. So far, however, we do not have a name for our beloved red buggy. Any suggestions would be most welcome.