Wednesday, May 31, 2006

twisted sisters

In honor of the unofficial beginning of summer, logworld is serving solid potato salad. It's grandma's old recipe, but just as delicious today as it was in the '40s!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Oh, Rosanna!

Click on the Rosanna Bruno painting above (one of my favorites) to feast your eyes on pix of the opening and dinner.

Friday, May 19, 2006

log patch

The recent spate of norf*ckneasters (meaning the weather, not the kickass east-coast team of pretend surf goddesses) has taken its toll on the sloth family vacation shack. Here are two views of it in its current state:

Therefore and forthwith, slothy and HFP will be taking our little red truck, aka the Pimple, aka the Lollycar, up to the shifting and pelting sands of "The Cod" this weekend for some heavy construction and the traditional family bickerfest. Thus begins the cycle of deferred summertime fun, which is the way of things past and things to come for ever and ever, ad infinitum.

Housie has lost an important leg, which we will be replacing. There is the real and exciting possibility that the Love Shack might actuallly fall upon us like the Wicked Witch of the East, leaving our toes to curl right up to our striped knee-highs! One can only hope to meet such a spectacular end...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

ohhhh, me head...

gander, my lovelies!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

gitcher hot paintings here!

So much wonderful art to see, it makes the head spin... tonight is (AT LAST!) the impatiently-anticipated opening at Feigen Contemporary of new paintings by the lovely and brilliant Jennifer Coates:

Softwall, 2006

These compelling works are mysterious and visionary, luminous and virtuosic. Trees, stones, fizz, tangles, and orifices combine to evoke a place that is both exterior and interior, mind and body.

Then on Saturday, Nicole Eisenman's enormous, landmark, earth-moving diptych, "Progress: Real and Imagined," is finally unveiled at Leo Koenig:

Progress: Real and Imagined, 2006

(click on the image for a larger version.) It was my great fortune to get a preview of this tremendous work in person, and I tell you it blew me right out of my shoes! This absolute masterpiece depicts a sweeping odyssey of epic proportions and cycle-of-life allegory. It functions wonderfully as a whole, but is also many paintings-within-a-painting, with narrative and painterly passages telling a story of humor, pathos, struggle, and hope.

And plus, last but not least, our own beloved HFP (aka Adam Hurwitz) is in a show, too!!! The 181st Annual invitational show opened last night at The National Academy of Design. The galleries and halls of their beautiful mansion are decked out with the works of over 100 artists, including this large, knockout painting by the Hyena himself:

Plug, 2005

Of course you will want to go see the fantastic piece depicted above, but there are also many other excellent works in the show; check out the list of artists on the National Academy site.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

root! root!

This is how I make money now. I hang out by my front stoop and challenge passersby to various kinds of competitions of the "iron man" variety. In this photo, I am allowing the geezer to win so he will come back for more, then I raise the stakes. Tricky, right?

I need more ideas for sidewalk Summer Games to get the sloth-pockets jingling. Here are a few:

Mumbly Peg

Kick the Baby
the ones in those super Humscalade strollers that take up the entire sidewalk make for an especially good and large target - you can be very drunk and still make contact.

Broken Trampoline

Greased Watermelon Polo (in a leaky kiddie pool)
Corny informs me that, after the game is over, you inject the watermelon with grain alcohol for a refreshing summer drink.

with knife-throwing. ups the ante when a fast-moving target is involved.

any of the above with blindfold.